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June 11 - Premiere time, and t-shirt find - Latest News

May 15, Tickets go on sale for charity screening of Around the World in 80 Days in Honolulu - Latest News , plus new peace links added

  • April 21 - Shopping page open for business - Latest News
  • April 16 - More photos from San Francisco added on Members Only site
  • April 14 - 10th Annual USA Jackie Chan Birthday Party, Las Vegas concert, San Francisco - Latest News
  • April 2 - Latest info regarding the Las Vegas events, plus San Francisco!
  • March 27 - Latest info regarding the Las Vegas events
  • March 20 - Jackie charity benefit show ticket update
  • March 19 - Jackie in charity benefit show - 10th Annual USA Jackie Chan Birthday party location changed - Latest News
  • February 5, 2004 - Sample Newsletter and link to Members Only section added to Home page. New material added to Members Only section, plus it's Prof. Jackie now! - Latest News
  • January 21, 2004 - Happy Chinese New Year to all. Plus now you can encourage voting and help the fan club - Latest News
  • January 7, 2004 - Happy New Year all. New website for Jackie and EMG, plus tribute to Blackie Ko and more - Latest News
  • December 31 - New Members Section open, HAPPY NEW YEAR - Latest News
  • December 29 - Sad news Latest News
  • December 11, Latest News - deadline reminders
  • October 14, more regarding VIP Club on President's Page
  • Too many complaints regarding the poor translations has caused me to decide not to link to the machine translation pages any more.
  • Also, will people who find it start sending lots of e-mail to me in languages I can't understand and/or reply in? Help! Members and fans, please give me your suggestions (in English) so I know whether to go forward on this. Thank you, muchas gracias, merci boucoup, danke schoen, molte grazie, shukraan, shukria, arigatto goziamasu, ?? ??????, shie shei nie, do jeh neih
  • Sept. 29 - More photos of the Portland Classical Chinese Garden added here, changes to make fonts/graphics show up better throughout. Plus President's Page revisions
  • Sept. 28 - Premiere photos added, access through Latest News and click through to end, further clarification regarding VIP Club issue on President's Page
  • Sept. 24 - Nav bar added to this page. President's Page update, new peace link submitted by member
  • Sept. 10 - Slowly more photos from our trip - Latest News
  • Aug. 18 - More photos of HK trip - Latest News
  • Aug. 15 - First photos of HK trip, Jackie TV appearances - Latest News
  • Aug. 14 - The Medallion passes giveaway - Latest News
  • July 10 , 2003 - The Medallion opens Aug. 22, contest - Latest News
  • July 2 , 2003 - Answer the YesAsia survey at bottom of home page and get a coupon
  • June 25 , 2003 - Trip to Hong Kong is definite - Latest News
  • June 24 , 2003 - new fare info added to trip to Hong Kong info - Latest News
  • June 19 , 2003 - Passport requirments added to trip to Hong Kong info + a photo of Hong Kong - Latest News Link to Berlin lunch added to Events Page. Some generalized comments on President's page.
  • June 16 , 2003 - Trip to Hong Kong - Latest News Older items have been removed from Latest News and this page
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