For Jackie's Birthday, April 7, 2002, I decided to create a PeaceLinks Page as a permanent section of our web site. This is because Jackie has said that his remaining dream is for world peace. Since that is what Jackie wants, then that, by golly, is what we have to get for him (and for us too.) I am not sure how much time all of us have spent really thinking hard about this issue of world peace. What seems pretty clear is that not enough of us have spent enough time on it yet, or I think we'd be there, or at least a whole lot closer by now. Jackie has given each of us so much and made such a difference in so many people's lives, that surely working for world peace is little enough for us to do in return.

I have chosen one page to link to at the start. With time there will be others, and I am inviting our members to submit links, and to accompany it with a description about the linked organization, what it does, why it exists, and if not immediately apparent, how it is trying to accomplish world peace. I will include the description with edits as needed, so don't worry about spelling, and other writing issues. Please don't try to find that one, possibly nonexistent, site that stands for everything you believe in and nothing that you don't. It is good to remember that there is probably no organization, person, or website with which we will always agree 100%, and that that's OK.

Our first link is to www.PeacefulTomorrows.org

I invited a founder of this organization to write an introduction, which follows. I hope you will visit this site and others as they are added, and most importantly, please think about this issue and add your own submission to our PeaceLinks page because we won't get there without you.

From Ryan Amundson:

On September 11, my brother Craig was killed when a plane smashed into his Pentagon office. He left behind two young children and a wife who is terrified that other innocent people just like Craig will die in his name.

Many people assume that all victim's families want revenge, but I have met many other victims' families who don't. We feel that nobody anywhere should ever have to suffer the pain we have suffered. We don't think the current reliance on the use of violent military force will bring justice or make the world any safer.

Since military action is so often justified in our name and in the name of our lost loved ones, we have decided to stand up and speak for ourselves. To unite our voices and amplify our message, we have formed an organization called September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows.

Our position is indeed based on our emotions, but those who support war also base their position on emotions. The first time President Bush visited the Pentagon after September 11, he turned and said: "On the one hand I feel sad. On the other hand I feel angry, and it's that anger that will bring resolution." We feel differently than the president. We believe it is our sadness that we should look to for strength.

Nobody on either side can say with certainty what the "solution" really is. Using facts and logic, one can build a good case either for or against using military force. Which side you believe depends on where you put your faith. Do you put your faith in sorrow or anger? Love or hate? Nonviolence or violence? Breaking the cycle of vengeance or contributing to it? Asserting our power to change the world or submitting to the myths that make us slaves? Do we walk off the field or do we continue to play a spoiled game?

Although some may call us hurtful names in order to try to stop us, we choose not to put our faith in the very same belief system that caused the death of our loved ones. We choose to follow the way of peace.

If people want to take action in the name of those lost on September 11, let them work for peace and not war. Finding justice does not mean creating more destruction, but rather building a better world in which September Elevenths don't happen.

We welcome Jackie Chan's fans to check out the Peaceful Tomorrows website to learn more about what we've been up to and how to become involved. Ryan 3/22/02

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