My name is Joy Al-Sofi and I am the president of the Jackie Chan Fan Club, USA. I plan to use this page to let you know things that I think are important which don't easily fall into other categories. It is also the place where I express some of my own personal views. They don't represent the views of the fan club or the membership.

There is only me doing everything that gets done for the fan club, including this website, the newsletter, event arranging, correspondence, mail order, and much more. If things seem to take longer than you would like, I can only say I hope you will be patient and I will get to it eventually. Friendly reminders usually are much better than nasty ones.

Warning! eBay continues to have lots of fake Jackie Chan autographs for sale. I have noticed that many of them have set up "private auctions" which means that it isn't possible to see or contact the Buyers to inform them that they are buying a fake. I have noticed that many of the worse ones often offer a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) . I have no idea what that is supposed to be worth since these are coming from the same people who are selling the fake autographs. Of course, not every COA offered is from someone trying to rip you off, they may have purchased the photo believing it was authentic, or the autograph may in fact be authentic. Please be careful.

I have also seen copies of pirated videos and DVD's being offered on eBay. Whenever I see them, I try to notify the appropriate copyright holder and I hope you don't buy them and contact the appropriate distribution company. Contacting eBay directly doesn't do any good if you aren't the aggrieved party.

I have had requests from members and others about linking to other Jackie Chan-related sites. Unfortunately, because of what often appears on such sites, here is my policy on that:

I won't link to a site that uses copyrighted material without permission and/or that uses photos or other material without giving credit to photographer and/or source.

I have always attempted to give credit and to request permission to use materials. Not linking to a site doesn't mean that I disapprove of members visiting these sites, or that I think these sites should be shut down, or that they don't provide a valuable service for fans. Using copyrighted material without permission is illegal and is considered a form of theft. I just believe that some things are right, and some things aren't and as a fan club which has been recognized by Jackie Chan, I try to set a good example. Occasionally I make exceptions, but not often and certainly not as a regular practice.

It is hard to turn down requests for links, especially when I am happy to have others link to our site. Somehow, I think it is different to be linked by, rather than linking to, a site that uses copyrighted material inappropriately. If you want to share your opinions on this issue, I am happy to hear from you.


February 24 was the fan club's 8th Anniversary.

I have had several requests for a chat room or message board on our web site. In addition to the possible added expense, there is the issue of whether an unmoderated chat room or message board is desirable. Here are some of my concerns:

Two important topics are:

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