This page tells of our very first meeting with Jackie on that special day in LA. We can't promise that you will meet Jackie because of the fan club, but since that time we have arranged numerous opportunities for our members to meet and/or be at special events where Jackie was. Seeing what has happened to other members, ought to give you a good idea of how Jackie feels about his fans and about our fan club in particular.

Los Angeles, California on June 9, 1995. Members of the fan club at the airport waiting to greet Jackie on his arrival in the United States for the MTV Movie Awards.

"All American's love Jackie, some just don't know it yet" Sign and photo courtesy of J. Weathersby© 1995




After we met Jackie at the airport, we all went to the Century Plaza Hotel where we had our first ever Fan Club event, a luncheon with Jackie. At that time, we had fewer than 100 members, and only five in the Los Angeles area. On less than 10 days notice, seven members came to the event from Portland, five drove up from San Diego, one flew in from Boston, and one interrupted her vacation in Istanbul to be there in time for the party. (The fan club has a 35 min. video of the event available to members for purchase.) The party lasted for more than 2 hours and everyone had a chance to meet with Jackie and talk to him, if they weren't too shy. Jackie graciously signed all items placed in front of him ....

Photo by A. Koplow © 1995

 Photo by C. Woodard © 1995

even to the extent of getting down on the floor and signing large posters.


Photo by J. Weathersby© 1995

A really big smile from our Jackie as he is handed still one more thing to sign at the party. In the foreground is Curtis Wong of "Inside Kung Fu" and just behind Jackie is Roberta Chow of Golden Harvest.

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