photos by Joy Al-Sofi ©2000

I had no idea that I would be attending the grand opening of a second classical Chinese garden in a month. It was the afternoon before I was going to the airport to leave Germany, October 15, 2000. As we were driving around, looking at some last minute sights, an announcement came on the radio reporting that the Grand Opening of the largest classical Chinese garden in Europe was going on that very moment.

We dashed across town to where we thought it was and managed to be there before the ceremonies ended. Once again, I had the special opportunity to be among the first persons through the door of such a garden. I only had a limited amount of photos left on the film in my camera. All my other film was already packed so there aren't as many photos as I would have liked to have had to choose from. I am sure we'll get more photos when our Berlin members get a chance to go back for a visit with their camera.

The setting for this garden is in a lovely, large park. The architects were from the Beijing Institute for Classical Chinese Architecture. As you can easily see, the style and setting of this garden is completely different than that of the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. This garden is in the Imperial Garden style. Both are lovely in their own way, and both are an avenue of friendship and understanding between the people of the West and the people of China.


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