Premiere of New Police Story

UA Cinema, Whampoa, Hong Kong

September 21, 2004

When I arrived, about 1 and a half hours before the event was scheduled, I discovered about 100 fans were there already along with many photographers.

We waited patiently, as more people, fans and press alike, arrived. Then about 15 minutes before the scheduled showtime....

DID IT RAIN! I mean thunder and lightning, the whole works. Those of us who were standing around the ceremony area were totally drenched as waited for the 20 minutes it took to decide that the outdoor event had to be canceled.

From there, everyone dashed across the street, following the press stampede. At first the security ("Securstar") tried to keep people out and only let the press in, but that effort ended very quickly and lots of folks went in to the theater lobby.

As you can see from the fourth photo, the press created a virtual barricade across the whole lobby, making it impossible for those unwilling or unable to climb on top of the counters to see anything.

I'll have lots more news and photos in the next newsletter, as well as a full review. I may even put something more on the website, but for those of you who can't wait, here are a few comments.

New Police Story is truly a departure for Jackie and in many ways accomplishes his stated desire to make a serious drama. It is well directed, and acted and has excellent production values. It is exciting, engaging, and has some amazing stunts.

BUT NOTE WELL: THIS IS NOT A FAMILY MOVIE. At least not if your family values do not run to excessive violence.

If you are able to put that, rather important matter, aside, you will find that it is a very good movie.




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