Gala Premiere

Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong - September 19, 2006


©2006 Joy Al-Sofi

The stage 1 hour beforehand - a great view but Ah! That was
before the press box directly in front of me got filled up.

©2006 Joy Al-Sofi - See what I mean, and this isn't nearly as bad as it gets later.


©2006 Joy Al-Sofi - The MC standing in front of our guy's photo in the giant poster that made up the backdrop for the events.


©2006 Joy Al-Sofi - Jackie presents a special tribute to the representative of one of the sponsors.


©2006 Joy Al-Sofi - Costar, Louis Ku Tin Lok


©2006 Joy Al-Sofi - And of course, Baby Matthew



Look for more photos and details of the premiere on the website and more in the next issue of the Jackie Chan Fan Club, USA newsletter, to be mailed out shortly.


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