Portland Classical Chinese Garden


(Garden of Awakening Orchids, Portland, OR)

Photos from late summer and early autumn 2003


© 2003 Joy Al-Sofi  

Approaching the garden, we are along side the gift shop on the west side, where shadows are prevalent in the late afternoon.

© 2003 Joy Al-Sofi  

A close up of the roof tiles and shadows


© 2003 Joy Al-Sofi  

As we enter the wonderland of the garden, directly ahead of us is the pond with the Xuan Building opposite seen through willow branches

© 2003 Joy Al-Sofi  

Heading south around the Knowing The Fish Pavillion, the path goes between the South Garden, which is sponsored by the Jackie Chan Fan Club, USA, and the pond. The view is looking north into the heart of the garden

© 2002 Joy Al-Sofi  

The walkway just outside the scholar's study

© 2002 Joy Al-Sofi

Interior of the scholar's study note the couplet running vertically on the pillar. It is the second half of a paired couplet.


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