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These are a few of the questions I have received over the past 8 + years that the Jackie Chan fan club has existed. With time the questions and answers will change. If you see that this page is in need of updating, please don't hesitate to contact me. So please stop by again.

When is Jackie's birthday?

April 7, 1954

What is his real name?

Chan Kong Sang * ** (Fong Si Lung)***

What is his name in Chinese?

Sing Lung* ** in Cantonese, Chen Long in Mandarin.

Where was he born?

Hong Kong* **


Where did he learn martial arts?

At the Beijing* Opera* School in Hong Kong

What styles of martial arts did he study?

At the school they taught Northern Style Shaolin* Kung -Fu. Later he studied Southern Style, Tai Kwon Do, Hapkido, and others.

What style of martial arts does he use in his movies?

Jackie uses "Reel" style not real style. He uses combinations that works well on film.

Does he practice martial arts everyday?

No, he usually jogs and does a work out with light weights.

Does he do all his own stunts?

Jackie does most of his own stunts. He really wants the audience to know that they are seeing him and not a double. Sometimes, however, a double is used. Many stunts often require multiple takes. Stunt doubles may be used for some of these additional takes. Sometimes one or more stunts or fights may be being filmed at the same time in different locations. The double generaly does things that we all know already Jackie can do, such as throw a punch or fall down.

Why does he do these dangerous things?

We don't know.

How many movies has he made? Including his movies as a child, more than 100, as an adult, about 40.
Does he do the voice in Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon? He has done some of the vocal sound effects, grunts, groans, oohs, and ahs, etc, but not the voice over.
Are most of your members kids or adults? Many of our members are adults.
Why does the fan club do things only for its members? The members are the ones whose dues and purchases support the fan club. We do get the occasionalcommission fee from online purchases, that are tracked back to the fan club by clicking on the links, can earn us commissions so they say. Everything we do we do only for members. If you are not a member we welcome you to join us. Click here for how to join.
Is he married? Yes, Jackie is married to one of the most famous movie stars of the day. Her name is Lin Feng Jiao and she is from Taiwan. She retired when they got married.
Does he have any children He and Lin Feng Jiao have one son
If I don't live in the USA, can I be a member? We have had many members from outside the USA, all fans are welcome to join. Click here for how to join.


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** Click for guide to pronouncing Cantonese

*** read about Jackie's "real" name in the last chapter of his autobiography, US paperback edition, which is still available from the fan club.


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