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A partial listing of events and opportunities to see and/or meet Jackie for members of the

Jackie Chan Fan Club, USA

(Please note that the new members section will have links to many more events than are linked to here.)

Our first fan club event with Jackie was for lunch on June 9, 1995, when Jackie came to Los Angeles to receive the Lifetime Acheivement Award on the MTV Movie Awards.

There have been many more since then, including:

1996 - Australia, San Francisco

1997 - Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hong Kong

1998 - Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Rockford, IL, NYC, NY, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, Hong Kong

1999 - Honolulu, HI

2000 - Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Oxford, UK, Cologne, NYC, Germany, Las Vegas

2001 - Los Angeles, Toronto, ONT, Canada

2002 - Bangkok, Thailand, Tuxedo Premiere and Star Ceremony Hollywood Walk of Fame,Los Angeles

2003 - Los Angeles Shanghai Knights premiere

2003 - Berlin members lunch, Hong Kong

These events include premieres, parties, special access at book signings, charity events, concerts, speaking engagements, International tours, and set visits. All our activites and events with Jackie in attendance, are for our members only. We plan to continue to arrange these types of opportunities for our members. For information on joining click here.

We also have an annual birthday party, next year will be our Tenth. Although Jackie hasn't been at our party personally, we know he appreciates it, and schedule permitting, he has called us. For example, at our eighth party, in 2002, Jackie called us from Prague, Czech Republic, on the set of Shanghai Knights, while he was in the midsts of filming. It was 4AM where he was. Everyone gets a chance to talk with him one-on-one. You gotta love him!


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