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About the Portland Classical Chinese Garden (Lan Su Yuan)1

Our gift to Jackie, for his birthday and Christmas/holiday gift was a contribution to the building of this garden and now our contributions help to maintain the garden and to support their educational programs. We have been contributing to this garden since Christmas of 1996 and have donated approximately $17,000 as of January 1, 2003.

There are two named areas in the garden that the fan club has sponsored:

A gorgeous Japanese Maple near the Waterside Pavillion and the Tower of Cosmic Reflections.

The other area is the South Garden of the Xuan Building which runs along Everett Street, near the Knowing the Fish Pavillion. Please scroll and link through this section of our web site to see photos of these sponsored items as well as photos of the garden in general.


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Four Elements and Five Senses combine to create the Classical Chinese Garden.

Four elements: based on the principles of opposites, as embodied in the Taoist concept and symbol:

of Yin
and Yang
阴阳 (Yàm and Yeùhn in Cantonese).

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Architecture 建筑术

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A fifth element found in the urban or scholar garden is Literature and art

I found entering the world of the Chinese Classical Garden to be an indescribable experience. I went because I thought I had to, given my interest in Chinese culture. I really expected to find it a bit tedious, and worse, I thought I knew what to expect. Whatever your expectations, be ready to abandon them. I have no doubt that along with being transported to another world, you will be totally impressed. The classical Chinese garden presents to us a world which we in the West have nothing to compare it with. One's entire orientation is affected and the experience is unforgettable.

The Portland Classical Chinese Garden opened on September 14, 2000 and here is a link to their website. This garden is based on the Suzhou style of urban Chinese classical gardens. Portland's Sister City, Suzhou designed the plans for the garden in Portland. (Suzhou is famous for its urban-styled classical gardens.) If you are interested in helping us keep this garden and to purchase a tree or more in the name of Jackie and that of the fan club, we are accepting contributions for Jackie's Christmas/Holiday gift.

1 (The name of the garden is pronounced Lahn Sò Yuèhn in Cantonese using the Yale system, and is officially spelled Lan Su Yuan which reflects the Mandarin pronunciation.)

If you want to contribute to this beautiful garden and symbol of Chinese culture as part of our gift to Jackie

Be sure to mention that your contribution is in the name of Jackie Chan and the Jackie Chan Fan Club, USA. You don't even have to be a member to contribute in our name! Give us verification and we will include your name in the card we send to Jackie.

Some of the photos used in this garden website are from Chinese classical gardens in:

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Yu Garden, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China

A depiction of an ancient garden.

Bonus - Photos from the largest classical Chinese garden in Europe

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