Ninth Annual USA Jackie Chan Birthday Party


The Ninth Annual USA Jackie Chan Birthday Party was on Saturday, April 5, in Portland Oregon. The party started at 4 PM with a tour of the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. It was a rainy day, with a light rain falling while we were at the garden.


We were there to celebrate Jackie's 49th birthday. Members came from as far south as Porto Alegre, Brazil and from as far north as Canada.


© 2003 Joy Al-Sofi


© 2003 Joy C. Al-Sofi

Part of our party group in the forecourt to the Scholar's Courtyard, Portland Chinese Garden

© 2003 Joy C. Al-Sofi

Some of the members at the party, including our two guests from Brazil

© 2003 Joy C. Al-Sofi

Some more members at the party, including our couple from Houston, TX

© 2003 Joy C. Al-Sofi

This was the cake table, we have the signed message from Jackie along with the cake, a photo of Jackie on his birthday in 1995, wearing the original fan club t-shirt. Also visible is the guest book and the birthday card for everyone to sign.

On other display tables aroudn the room were such items as action figures, standees, lobby cards, Jackie's original pump fury shoes, books, photos, photo albums, and a whloe lot more.

© 2003 Joy C. Al-Sofi

Lighting the candles is Tamara from Portland, and Kelley from Houston. There was a set of four candles, and a set of nine. The cake said "Happy Birthday Jackie Chan". Then we blew out the candles, and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jackie.


We had a lot of fun. There were party favors, prizes, Jackie tapes playing in the background, sale items, loads of memorabilia to look at, a great seven course Chinese banquet, cake & ice cream, a compilation tape of Jackie Chan rarities, and we ended the evening by watching a Jackie movie.


The mix was about 1/3 new people and 2/3's repeat offenders. But we missed you there! I hope you will plan on being with us next year.

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