Eighth Annual USA Jackie Chan Birthday Party


We held the Eighth Annual USA Jackie Chan Birthday Party on April 6, in Portland Oregon. The party started at 6 PM following a tour of the Portland Classical Chinese Garden. (Click here for new photos of the Garden.) The day was beautiful, at least during the time we were at the garden. At the time the party started at 6 PM in Portland, it was 3 AM on April 7, Jackie's birthday, where he was. Jackie was in Czech Republic, currently filming the sequel to SHANGHAI NOON.


We were there to celebrate Jackie's 48th birthday. Members came from as far south as San Diego and as far north as Canada.

© 2002 Maria Towson

Here is Jackie, at the fan club party in Bangkok this Chinese New Year, auctioning off the t-shirt below.

© 2002 Joy C. Al-Sofi

From the winning bid at the auction in Bangkok, here is the
shirt Jackie was wearing in this photo, the one he signed to
the USA fan club members back near when the fan club first

© 2002 Joy C. Al-Sofi

Some of the members at the party

© 2002 Joy C. Al-Sofi

On the display tables were such items as action figures,
standees, lobby cards, Jackie's original pump fury shoes,
2002 calendar, books, photos and a whloe lot more.

© 2002 Joy C. Al-Sofi

Here is Bob talking with Jackie!

© 2002 Joy C. Al-Sofi

Brandon, with his mom Tamara, is talking with Jackie.


Imagine this, . . . Jackie Chan, the world's greatest action star, and truly wonderful human being, was on the set filming at 4 in the morning!

How do I know? Because he told us. Yes, this incredible human called us, twice in between scenes during the filming. He called once, talked to a few people and then had to go film some more but he said he would call back later and he did. He called back and talked with everyone at the party.

Why weren't you there?

What was he filming? Why was he cold and wet while talking with us? Members of our fan club will read about it in the May issue of our newsletter.

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