Jackie Chan Birthday Party


The Eleventh Annual USA Jackie Chan Birthday Party was a whole lot different than in the past. For starters, it wasn't even in the USA. Instead members of the USA fan club, who were here in Hong Kong, and who let me know that they were here, went together to Jackie's office.

At first, the word was that Jackie was busy and wouldn't be at the office. The JC Group office had said initially, to at least one of our members who had called, that there wasn't going to be any celebration, not even a birthday cake......

Knowing this, we went to the Kowloon Tong office without much hope of seeing Jackie. But we decided to stick around for a while. There was this beautiful, huge flat panel TV mounted on the wall, and we just happened to have a collection of Jackie DVD's with us, so we decided to watch one there. We got about 2/3rd's of the way through Drunken Master, when suddenly, there was this sudden change in atmospheric pressure and who should burst through the door, but Jackie himself! And that bit about no birthday cake? Well see for yourself.

© 2005 Joy Al-Sofi

Making a wish

© 2003 Joy Al-Sofi

Getting blowing-out candle instructions from Willie

© 2003 Joy Al-Sofi

Jackie follows Willie's instruction well


Those of us fans lucky enough to be there when it mattered!


But we missed you there! I hope you will plan on being with us next year (Wherever that may be).

There is a lot more to tell about the day, but you will have to read about that in our fan club newsletter, coming out in June, 2005.

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