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2016 - FAN CLUB TURNS 21!


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(Gifts received before Jan15, 2017 will apply to Jackie's Holiday gift, after that, his 63rd birthday gift.)



Photo from Jackie forour fan club's 15th Anniversary

We can honor Jackie by contributing to help those in need.

Our hearts go out to in need.



Please make a donation to assist those in need.

Here are the links to some organizations who are helping.

Oxfam America


Mercy Corps

Doctors without Borders

There are other worthy organizations as well who are working to help make this a better world. Choose an organization and please give what you can.

I have added a link to a website that has games to let you increase your vocabulary and other knowledge while helping to donate rice to a hungry person through the UN World Food Program.


The goal of our fan club is ..."to promote international friendship and understanding through a common interest!"

JACKIE CHAN March 3, 1995



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